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For our final blog of Year 5, some of the children have shared their reflections on Year 5. What a wonderful year it has been! 

Joel: My time in Year 5 was very fun because of the fun trips that we went on, for example Bryher. It was amazing to see the sights that were there like Rushy Bay. I loved DT since we got to make pizza, phone cases and even a wand, which I liked the most since it was related to our class novel, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.  

Priscilla: In Year 5, I had so much fun. We had trips like Hampton Court and we learned new things such as parenthesis and other fun things we made were catapults in science and wands in DT and also phone cases. I also enjoyed reading the book Cogheart.  

Valentina: In Year 5, I enjoyed going to Paris and seeing all of the art in the museums. I also liked reading Harry Potter, Black Powder and Cogheart. I liked writing narratives and doing drafts in English. I also loved learning about history, for example Henry VIII and loads of other monarchs. 

Cayan: In Year 5, I liked the Paris trip where we stayed there for 4 days! I like maths because it’s not too tricky. In English, we watched a short film called Alma which was kind of weird but the lessons we did on it were really fun.  

Hunor: My time in Year 5 was great. In all my time in Year 5, my favourite lessons have probably been maths and English. In maths, my favourite as short division and multiplication. In English, I liked writing setting descriptions and narratives. I also liked learning new things like parenthesis and relative clauses. 

Filip:  In Year 5, I liked reading Harry Potter, writing about Alma and making dragon eyes from clay. I also liked sports morning and when we read Cogheart. I enjoyed doing perimeter in maths. 

Eleanor: In Year 5, there have been some great trips like going to Hampton Court Palace because we were able to explore the rooms that Henry VIII would've lived in. Although I didn't go to Paris or Bryher, I really enjoyed the activities we did whilst they were away such as making clay dragon eyes. 

We have had a wonderful year and are looking forward to Year 6!

Have a look HERE for some photos from our year!