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This half term, Year 5 had an amazing time during Outdoor Learning!

First, some of us made bird feeders using lard ,seeds and pinecones. We put some rubber gloves on to keep clean then we cut up the lard and made it soft and mixed the seeds in. After that, we put it in the pinecones and hung it up on string.

When we finished the bird feeders, we went outside the garden to create some chalk masterpieces. We took some masking tape to make a range of patterns on the path. Although it was wet, we managed to make really cool patterns with a variety of colours! People made mushroom forests and others made abstract patterns with the tape. When everyone was finished, we put the masking tape and the chalk away. A lot of people enjoyed this activity!

Next, we went back into the garden and made nature art. We collected sticks and leaves then made rivers, bug hotels, bridges and other things. To make the bridges, some people made a big hole then placed some big long sticks over it. The rest of the group made rivers by making a long track connected to a massive puddle/pond. This was another activity many people liked!

After a break, some of us played in the Tiki Kitchen! We made a lot of meals for our friends like soup, salad and others! It was not real food and we used mud to make delicious dishes! Others helped collect water and mud from the puddles they have been digging. It was a fun thing to do as we used Teamwork! Lots of others went on the tire swing. We went high up and some of us bashed into the tree trunk or bushes! It was really funny! One person pushed and the other sat (or stood) on the tire. We love out outdoor learning sessions!

Written by Myra and Amber

Have a look HERE for some photos from our day