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On 16th March, we had a science day. We did three different activities linking to different areas of science.

Our first activity started off with us learning all about Mary Anning, a fossil hunter. She discovered some amazing fossils on the beach, including an ichthyosaurus! We even managed to look at some real fossils in the classroom. Afterwards, it was time to make our own fossils. We made them out of modelling clay and used shells to press into them to get different textures. We then poured plaster of Paris on top and let them set. Later, we peeled away the modelling clay to reveal our own fossils!

Next, we made lava lamps. We mixed food colouring with vinegar and poured it into a jar with oil and bicarbonate of soda. We then saw the reaction as the vinegar moved through the oil. To make the movement continue, we need to add heat to make the liquid rise.

 Lastly, we learnt all about the Mars Rovers. We learnt about the different features it had and discussed if there could be life on Mars! We then set off designing and making our own rovers with lots of special features.

We had a great day!

Have a look HERE at some photos from our day.