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In Year 5, we have been reading a book named ‘Black Powder’ (in English) and it is based on the Common era, 1605. We are now nearing the end of the book. The main protagonist is a courageous boy, who is a twelve-year-old, called Tom Garnet and his savvy sidekick, Jago (an unusual mouse).  

This boy was a Catholic and had to survive by living in secret. He didn’t like the new King because he wasn’t making it easy for people like them to live. Believe it or not, if his family was found out to be a Catholic, they would be persecuted and be used as scapegoats for other crimes they didn’t do! This scares Tom a lot, for his family are keeping a juicy secret away from public ears! As the secret got found out, his father gets the blame for it and then had to pay an unnecessary price. 

Tom thought himself puny little thing, but, oh, no he wasn’t! He bumped into a mysterious stranger – the Falcon – who promised to help his father in exchange for his service. Tom agreed with this but was surprised to find his cousin being smuggled into a hiding place. He finally realised that the plot The Falcon was planning was he wanted to kill some important people and wanted to put a certain princess on the throne. This treacherous plan was made by The Falcon. This ambiguous figure worked with mean, mannerless men! Despite this, Tom grew trust towards the man and his unusual ways. The brave little boy did everything he could to try and free his father from the hangman’s noose...         

In conclusion, I think this book is a must read, for I recommend it! Ally Sherrick is a very good author and illustrator and I rate this 9/10! Kids in our class like the book and think it is makes you feel excited and curious as there is a cliff-hanger in every chapter. Well done Ally Sherrick for writing such a suspense filled book! 

By Siddiqa