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For the start of our spring term, in year 5, we have been reading a book called Black Powder by Ally Sherrick. The protagonist is Tom and he was a twelve-year-old boy in 1605.

Tom is a catholic and hated The King more than Elizabeth the first due to the difficulties of being a Catholic in a Protestant country. During this time, the monarch of England was called James I (who was also James VI of Scotland) and he was a protestant. Even though it was technically legal to be a Catholic, people would find out that was their religion and be persecuted and used as scapegoats for other crimes that the didn’t commit!  Unfortunately, even without any proof, they would get hanged in the middle of the town for Protestants to watch and celebrate. This terrifies Tom as he is anxious about a secret him and his Catholic family are keeping.

Although it has been just a week, this book is super interesting and I can`t wait to find out what will happen next and many in my class agree. Out of five I would give it four stars so far! Well done Ally Sherrick for writing such an intriguing book!

By Sadie