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This term, in English, we have been learning about all things ‘eco’!  This led to us creating our own eco park collaboratively in groups. To start it all off, we found out the etymology of the word ‘eco’ which means ‘oikos’, which is Greek for home. Our eco parks were designed with our home – our planet- in mind.

We were really lucky to be able to use the computer suite to help us research other eco parks around the world. One place that really interested us was the Eden Project in Cornwall. What we loved was that the Eden Project had the longest zip line in all of the UK. This gave us an idea: our eco park could include rides!

Mrs Lusty then put us in groups – it was fun to work with classmates that we haven’t worked with before. In our groups, we designed and mapped out our eco parks and then was the fun part: coming up with a name and drawing it!

This series of lessons was leading up to a big speaking and listening task where we would have to present our eco park to the rest of the class. We had set criteria that we needed to focus on: speaking with clarity; a loud, audible voice; lines learnt off by heart; and making it fun and engaging for the audience.

Following this, we then created an information text about our eco park, including details such as rides, facilities, cafes and restaurants that could be found in our park. Then, we created a brochure.

We have really enjoyed creating, designing and giving detail to our eco parks – have a look at some photos of them HERE

Written by Gianrico