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figurative language

Mrs Tellett, Mrs Hubbard and Mrs Lusty would like to thank the whole of year 5 for how quickly everyone has adapted to remote learning in the last few week. Both in the classroom and all the children learning from home are engaging well in lesson and making excellent contributions. You have been a pleasure to teach, well done.

In English, this term we are looking at legend and myths. As part of this the children have been practicing using figurative language in their writing. Figurative language is a language that is used to create a special meaning. It allows the writer to appeal to the reader’s senses, imagination and sense of humour. It paints a picture in the reader’s mind to better describe parts of their story to make it more interesting to read.

After to listening to several popular myths such as paradox box and rainbow serpent. Mrs Lusty spoke to the children about what figurative language is, she then showed the children a paragraph which described herself using figurative language. Here example is below:

Like a black, heavy cloud I engulf and smother grasping, scraping and clutching. I am your worst nightmare – a never ending nightmare once I have you within my iron grasp. Piercing screams and howls of agony are my trademarks.  I writhe and travel through your body paralyzing it, consuming it and forcing total surrender. Acrid and bitter, I am relentless in my destruction. I am the ultimate power: pain.

The children then used Mrs Lusty’s example to describe themselves using figurative language.  

An example of work Year 5  have been doing by Maeya: 

'As beautiful as a butterfly dancing in the wind. Like the sun 10,000 times brighter. I am a tree that has sprouted with luscious green leaves. I skip through the sky. As blue as the ocean but never down. For I am kindness and I spread love all around'.

Alfie's work is shown in the photograph!