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In PSHE this term we have been learning about anti-social behaviour, alcohol and drugs. We have really enjoyed these topics and have learnt some new information.

Anti-social behaviour

We learnt that anti-social behaviour is any behaviour by one person that causes alarm, distress or harassment to one or more persons not in the same household as him/herself. Many things come under anti-social behaviour. Littering is one of the many things. Littering can affect communities and damage wildlife. As a class we made posters to inform people about what anti-social behaviour is.


Drugs can be very bad and can affect your behaviour and health. People can put revolting things (that you didn’t know were in them) in drugs including bleach, gravel and dirt. They can control your brain and cause you to make poor decisions. Some drugs are prescribed and these are needed to help you recover from an illness but should only be taken only by the person who needs them and as directed on the packets. We had great fun creating anti-drug slogans here is one that a group came up with – ‘drugs make you ill, they are deadly and can kill.’


This can really damage your kidneys if you do not follow the correct guidance. As a class we compared England with America and discussed whether you should be 21 to legally drink. Nearly all of Pillar class agreed that it is a better decision to make it 21 to legally drink alcohol.

Have a look HERE at some of our amazing work.

By Charvi and Viren