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In March when we couldn’t go to school, or go to the park or even visit our friends or family.  we decided to spend lots of time in the garden. At the start of lockdown we planted some sunflower seeds, I wanted to have something to look after and watch grow during our time away from school.


I watered them twice a day and I waited and waited until suddenly out of no where my sun flower seeds had started to grow! (Yippee 🌻)

As the days, weeks and months have gone on of not being able to go to school and spend time with  my friends and visit family – the one thing I’ve enjoyed during this uncertain time is watching my sunflowers grow and measuring how tall they have grown each day.

It was about four months ago I planted the sunflower seeds and I can’t believe how tall one of my sunflowers has grown, it’s taller than the garage and it’s still growing!!