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To start off our new ‘Keen to be Green’ topic, Year 5 have been making plastic bottle ‘eco bricks’ as a way to begin to understand how alternative plastic waste can have a positive impact on our lives.

Ecobricks are produced as a means of managing plastic waste by sequestering it and containing it safely, by reducing the surface area of the packed plastic to effectively secure the plastic from degrading into toxins and microplastics. We found that eco bricking is a fun, collaborative endeavour that helps raise awareness of how we can get rid of our plastic waste in a more sustainable way for the environment. Eco bricks are made up of plastic bottles, filled to the brim with plastic and then sealed with a lid.
The children were asked to bring in a bottle, packing stick and as much plastic waste they could find. Next, they would fill their plastic bottles with plastic of all different shapes and sizes. Some children particularly took to the idea of cutting up colourful plastic straws to inject some colour in their eco bricks and we discovered that denser the plastic inside the bottle, the better and more sturdy the eco brick would be. We hope that the children will continue eco bricking at home so that they can bring them into school and we can build a structure of our own!
If you want to know more about eco bricks look here  
We’re looking forward to what the rest of this topic has in store for us!
Have a look HERE for some photos of us learning.