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In Year 5, our topic is Ancient Egyptians and for our Stunning Start we mummified a tomato!

It was a bit gross (especially when we unwrapped them!) but at the same time very interesting! If you are wondering how we mummified it here are the steps to mummifying a tomato:

1) First, get a fresh tomato

2) Then, get a knife (not a sharp one)

3) Next, make a small incision with a knife

4) After that, get a spoon and take all the insides out

5) Now, get some salt and put it into the tomato

6) Then, get some oil in a cup and rub it on the tomato

7) Get some tissue and wrap it onto the tomato

8) Leave it until it smells disgusting (make sure that you put something on your nose)

9) You Have Finished Mummifying A TOMATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Emmy, Narayani and Emily