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On Monday we started off our new topic of 'Keen to be Green' with our Stunning Start of making Eco-bricks! 

We learnt about Eco bricking, which is a deep solution for your plastic.  First, plastic is an amazing material with incredible properties and it is a shame for it go to waste.  Second when plastic does ‘go to waste’; it contaminates the ecosystems that sustain us and our fellow species! Eco bricking allows the long term retention and control of materials that in all other eventualities would become toxic. Eco bricks make use of the very problem (the longevity of the plastic) to seal the potential toxins away.

Throughout December and January, we have collected as much unrecyclable rubbish as possible in order to make our Eco-bricks. We spent the afternoon sorting through our rubbish and using a magic wand to fill our plastic bottles with the material. By the end of the day, we had made lots of eco-bricks! 

Have a look HERE at some photo's of us Eco bricking :)