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This term we have continued reading stories that are set in the woods.

The children particularly enjoyed the week on The Gruffalo. The children used their fine motor skills to construct their own Gruffalo out of playdough and a variety of resources. We had a go at creating our very own imaginary creature in the woods like the Gruffalo and wrote about it in our books. We used lots of adjectives to describe our character. Thalia described her Gruffalo as having ‘rainbow helicopter wings’.

To celebrate science week we did our own ice experiments. We talked about what would happen to the stream in winter. Mabel said “the stream would turn into ice because its cold”. The children were given giant blocks of ice that had toys frozen inside them. Their challenge was to free the toy using different methods of melting. The children came up with fantastic ideas including blowing hot hair on the ice to melt it, rubbing it with their warm hands and using tools to get it out. Arla suggested that if we poured hot water over the ice it would melt. Some children were inspired by this story and built bridges for the mouse to cross the stream safely.

To see some of our amazing pictures please click HERE!