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To start off our new topic this term, we have been learning about different woodland animals. Last week we learnt about owls.

We started off the week by sharing different non-fiction texts about owls. The children learnt many interesting facts about all the different types of owls and learnt new vocabulary such as: talons, nocturnal, habitat and camouflage. They used this knowledge to create an egg box owl. They thought carefully about the feathers they used for the body and what colour they wanted to choose for the eyes. Isobel said: “Owls that hunt at night have black eyes and the owls that hunt in the day have yellow eyes.”

Later on in the week, we read a fiction book called ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell. The children enjoyed recounting the story and even predicted where the mummy owl had gone and why. The children used this story as an inspiration to create a piece of Owl Babies art. They used a variety of resources to produce their work.

To see some amazing creations from this week please click HERE.