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In Reception, we have been learning about and exploring toys from the past and the present.

We watched a video about toys that children used to play with a long time ago and compared them with toys we have now. The children enjoyed a sorting activity where they matched pictures such as an old robot and a new robot. We learned that old toys were wound up by hand with keys and new toys used batteries. We talked about the materials they were made of. The children were amazed to find out that old doll’s faces were made from china and could be easily broken. Isabell said: “My doll doesn’t break when I drop it on the floor, I think it’s made of plastic.”

The children enjoyed making a ball a cup game based on an old Victorian toy. They used a variety of resources such as string, foil, tape, cup and tissue paper to construct it. There was some good problem solving involved when many of the children realised that glue wasn’t strong enough to stick the string to the cup. They enjoyed playing with their toy, aiming to catch the ball into the cup.

At the end of the week, we celebrated our toys by learning about Pudsey Bear and Children in Need. Many of the children cut and coloured their own Pudsey Bear and made its limbs work using split pins.

To see our pictures of the week click HERE!