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This half-term, we will be continuing with our topic ‘Into the Woods’. We have learnt so many facts about animals.

Our focus this term will be fictional stories that are set in the woods. We have been learning about Little Red Riding Hood and the children have loved listening to different versions of the same story. We talked about which version we liked and how the stories were different. Inspired by the story, the children used the props and masks to retell the story. Some children accessed the junk modelling during their choosing time to make props for the story including an axe for the woodcutter and binoculars to hunt for the wolf.  

We discussed the different treats that Little Red Riding Hood took in her basket to give to her ill Grandma and decided whether they were good for us or bad for us and why. Millie said: “We should take fruits and vegetables to keep Grandma healthy as they have got vitamins in them…did you know I take a vitamin at home every day?” 

This week we tried something new and had a go at weaving strips of paper to make a Little Red Riding Hood basket. The children persevered with this new skill and were proud of their creations. 

To see some of our marvellous photos, click HERE