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Last week, both reception classes spent three days in the woods at Bromham. We had the best time, and the weather was beautiful! The children loved exploring the woods, building dens, climbing trees and hunting for characters such as the Gruffalo and the Big Bad Wolf!

On the first day, the children went on an egg hunt through the woods. Inside each giant egg was a picture of an animal. They used their phonics to segment and write the name of each animal on their sheet. The children worked well together taking it in turns to write. On the second day, the children went on a bear hunt. As they went though the woods, they found different colour teddy bear faces hanging in the trees. They had to find the correct coloured teddy on their hunting sheet, then count the number of spots on that bear. The children then recorded the number next to right bear image. There was some brilliant subitizing going on!

The children completed lots of creative task during their time in the woods.  They collected natural items from the woods to create fabulous sun catchers, wands and masks. They also used the items that they found in the woods to create a dinosaur habitats and skeletons. 

To see some pictures of all the fun that we had, please click HERE!