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Last week, Reception enjoyed their very first outdoor learning experience. Even the weather was kind to us for most of the three days!

The children took part in a variety of different activities each morning. 

On Monday, we went into the Robin's garden and explored this lovely new environment. The children used their sense of touch to feel different textures around the garden. Some of the interesting textures came from items such as bricks, tree bark, fences, tyres, paving slabs and decking . Lots of interesting adjectives were used to describe the textures including smooth, rough, hard , soft and bumpy. The  children then laid a piece of paper over their chosen texture and used a wax crayon to create a texture rubbing. The second activity of the day was to complete a scavenger hunt. The children were given a checklist of natural items to look for around the field. They were able to find most of the items on the list including: a yellow flower, an ant, a butterfly and a brown leaf. There were a few items that the children were unable to find such as a ladybird. Alex said: "I think they might still be asleep from their winter sleep."

On Tuesday, the children enjoyed a lovely session independently exploring the 'Robin's' garden. They played in the mud kitchen, swung on the rope swing, constructed with the natural Lego, went on hunts for bugs and built dens. After that, we talked about the importance of feeding the birds during the winter and spring. The children each made a bird feeder using an apple. They carefully punched holes on the side of the apple with a fork, then they pushed sunflower seeds into the holes. The children thought that they looked like hedgehogs! 

On our final day of outdoor learning we enjoyed completing a 'Gruffalo Orienteering' course. The children followed the picture trail that led them all around the school to hunt for letters to spell out a funny sentence. We also planted cress seeds so that we could observe the changes over the next week, and we discussed all the thing that a plant needs to grow. To end the week's activities, the children had fun playing parachute game and climbing along the trim trail.

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