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We have had a fun filled snowman themed week this week!

At the start of the week, we enjoyed listening to the story 'Sneezy the Snowman'. It was all about a poor snowman that had a cold and kept on shivering and sneezing. He wanted to get warm, so he kept doing things like drinking hot chocolate and even sitting in a hot tub - but unfortunately, this made him melt! The children in the story had to keep building him after he had melted!

We had fun creating a melted snowman picture using shaving foam and glue. We all had a go at writing a sentence about why our snowman melted! The children tried so hard to use finger spaces between each word. 

As a reward for producing some fabulous writing, we made 'melting snowman' biscuits. We had to mix the icing sugar with water until it turned into runny snow. Then we poured it onto our biscuit and put a marshmallow on top. After that, we decorated it with lots of yummy treats! We had a brilliant time making them -  but the best part was eating it!

To see some of our photos, click HERE!