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We have been learning all about how to keep our bodies healthy. Last week, we focused on learning about the importance of cleaning our teeth.

We enjoyed listening to stories including 'Dentist Trip' and 'Topsy and 'Topsy and Tim go to the Dentist.' Many children shared their experiences of going to the dentist. We also enjoyed some non-fiction books about teeth. We learned all about the foods that are good for our teeth and foods aren't. Bethan said, "If you eat lolly pops and sweets and cake your teeth will hurt. You have to brush your teeth with some toothpaste, and you have to do it in the morning and before you go to bed." Rupert said, " The sugar bugs would make holes in your teeth and then you'll need fillings."

After listening to the story, 'Peppa Pig: Tooth Fairy', we learned what will happen to our teeth over the next few years. We got very excited about a possible visit from the tooth fairy in the future! We all made 'Tooth Fairy Pockets' so that when we lose a tooth, we can put our tooth into the pocket so that the tooth fairy can find it easily! We used a variety of resources to make the pocket and we were very proud of our final designs.

To view some photos from our teeth week, please click HERE!