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Reception visit from Jemima the duck

Our new topic this term is "Out of the Egg". 

Last week, both Reception classes came back to school after the holidays to find a basket of eggs with a letter from Jemima asking if they could look after them.  However, the children quickly noticed that one of the eggs was very, very big!  The children were busy trying to figure out what might hatch out of the eggs and have been enjoying learning about the life cycles of different animals.

At the end of the week, we even had a visit from Jemima the duck!  The children sat and listened to Mrs Griffin’s talk about Jemima and they put their hands up to ask some super questions. The children asked, how do eggs hatch? Do ducks drink water? What do they eat? 

We then came into school after the weekend and found out that our egg had hatched...into a dinosaur!  We can't wait to find out lots of facts about dinosaurs this term! To see some photos, please click here