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At The Hills Academy, we aim to be inclusive and teach children about a variety of cultures. In Art, we have been looking at a range of different artists throughout the school that come from a variety of cultures.

Reception have been looking at Hannah Hoch who was born in Germany. They had lots of fun recreating her piece of work using their own faces and different parts of the human body.

Year One have been learning about Alma Thomas who was an African American and it is believed she was one of the first Black women to get a degree in art. How amazing!

In Year Two, they learnt about Yayoi Kusama who is a Japanese artist, who currently has a show on at the Tate Modern. She likes pumpkins and is obsessed with dots!

Year Three looked at the work of Mary Edmonia Lewis who was a mixed African American and Native American sculptor in the 1800’s. The children enjoyed acting out poses, sketching and using plasticine to create some sculptures.

In Year Four they learnt about Esther Mahlangu who is a South African artists, who still lives in her native village. She is so famous for her patterns that she even designed a car for BMW!

In Year Five, the children learnt about Amrita Sher-Gil who was an Hungarian Indian painter born in 1913. Unfortunately Amrita Sher-Gil died at the age of 28, just days before her first major solo show.

In Year Six the children looked at the work by Chinese artist, Bu Hua who specialises in Anime type art. The children really enjoyed this work and they have created some fantastic pieces of work!

Have a look HERE...I am sure you will agree, the corridor displays look lovely and that the children have produced some amazing work.