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After what has most certainly been a year to remember with many highs and some lows along the way, we just wanted to leave you all with a little poem to remind all the Rainbow children (and adults/parents) what Super-Stars they have all been and we're sure they will continue to be in the future.

Wishing the best of luck to those of you moving up to reception, I know you will be fabulous. And to those staying on in Nursery we just know you will have an amazingly fun year next year.

Time has flown so quickly

and you have grown so fast

I can’t believe this year has gone

and now is in the past


We’ve had so many lovely times

with fun along the way

Your smiles have always cheered us up

on each and every day


So remember you’re fantastic

A little super star

Go forward and just be yourself

You’re perfect as you are.

All the best

from the Rainbow staff team